• Hello Students!


    The assignment this week (April 13-17) entails completing the following items.  Please complete all work and responses to the shared Google Document by Friday, 4/17 at 2:00pm.

    1. Please watch the Video Message to students using the tab within the US History School Closure Assignments.


    2. Please view the Pearl Harbor Story using this website, paying particular attention to the FDR Speech on War embedded within site.  You should listen to the entire FDR Speech on War video embedded within the site.


    3. Please view Slides 23-35 under the Notes tab of the WWII Unit and place these notes into your Pearl Harbor organizer from prior to 3/13.  (This notes sheet has the 4 Freedoms on one side and the Pearl Harbor organizer on the other.) 


    4. Please post a Response to ONE Question on the Shared Google Document titled, "C Block Shared Document School Closure.Responses should be placed directly onto the document, not emailed to me.