•  Prompt:

    Unit Terms at this time (this list may or may not grow to include the other Unit 5 terms)

          • Primary Group
          • Secondary Group
          • Social Network
          • Reference Group
          • Anomie

    1. Read (or reread) White text pgs. 152-157, stop at “Applied Network Analysis”

    2. In addition, for HONORS only: Read Green text p. 127 What is a Group through p.128, stopping at “Winners…”

    3. Review Unit 5 Notes Slides 6-7, 17-20, & 27

    4. Consider your thoughts on the statement: “The group creates my identity.” Think about this statement.  You do not need to turn in anything to me, but maybe you want to write down some notes for yourself.  

    5. Focus and Choose a Unit Term from the list above that stands out to you.



    **Do not turn this Contribution in!  I will let you know IF and WHEN to turn it in on Thursday, 4/23, according to Google Meet Schedule on the tab to the left.** 

    1. Define the Unit Term that stands out to you from the list below.  Have this definition handy for the Google Meet meeting.


    2. In a longer paragraph or two smaller ones, state why this Unit Term stands out to you right now.  Explain yourself, fully. This paragraph or two is dependent on YOU and will be entirely dependent on you, right now.  (Do not worry about whether you’re doing this “right!”  Your Contribution is YOU and YOUR thoughts, and that’s what I’m most concerned about!  Have this Contribution response handy for the Google Meet meeting.)


    3. Plan to meet with your class block according to the schedule.  See the Google Meet Schedule to the left 

    • If you cannot make the assigned Google Meet, please let me know and you may be able to join another meeting on that day.
    • If you must be ABSENT and cannot make any meetings that day, please also let me know, and you will be assigned an Absence Assignment beginning on the day of the Google Meet.