• Thursday, April 2, 2020

    Thank You for the Great Support for Tuesday's TEACHER AUTOMOBILE PARADE 

    Teachers have been advised that we are only allowed to provide Review and Enrichment.  We are Not Allowed to introduce new material.  With this in mind, I will be guiding my students back to the beginning of the year and we will Review these concepts and skills over the coming weeks.


    Please email me to let me know how you are doing or with any questions.  I miss all of you!!

    Note:  I will continue to update this site every day, Monday through Friday during this "time apart." 

    I am Switching Over to Khan Academy.  If you have Access to this page, you will have Access To Khan Academy.  All you have to do is click on the Links!! 

    Let's Try Some Math!  Look Under Your Class Section for Some "Suggested Math"!


    Helpful Sites to Keep You Mathematically Active:

    Explore Khan Academy

    Big Ideas Math-Free Student Edition


    Note:  Students Have Four Problems of the Week to Work On!!!

    POW #5 is posted in the POW Section 


    Your student's book is online at: www.bigideasmath.com 

    Parents/Guardians/Students:  Check out Khan Academy for over 4000 "mini" Video Lessons on Math, Science and more! 


    Current Book: Big Ideas Math (A Common Core Curriculum)


    Thought of the Week:

    We Are All In This Together! 


     Class A (9:13-10:23), Class D (1:15-2:25) and 

    Class B & C: Accelerated  (10:23-11:30 & 11:30-1:15 - Lunch)


    Try to Finish Problem of the Week #5.  I'll post the answer on Monday

    I have posted some "helpful hints" on how to solve this problem on the POW page!


    For Today, Thursday, let's work in Khan Academy.  Please Click to watch the Following:

     Please Watch: Adding Numbers with Different Signs 


    Please Try: Adding & Subtracting Negative Numbers


    Multiplying & Dividing Integers Coming on Monday!!!!


     Homework may be different for different classes!!  

    Read below to find the homework for your particular class block  


     Class A & Class D

    None of this is Mandatory-Just try What I Have listed Above for your longterm Mathematical Benefit!

      Class B & C

    None of this is Mandatory-Just try What I Have listed Above for your longterm Mathematical Benefit!