Zones of Regulation
  • Ways to get into the Green Zone include:

    • Taking deep breaths
    • Talking to someone
    • Naming your feeling
    • Thinking of a happy memory
    • Going for a walk
    • Petting an animal
    • Drawing a picture
    • Doing some heavy work, lifting or wall pushups
    • Squeezing a stress ball

Here are some strategies to help with emotional regulation

  • The Zones of Regulation is a helpful way to think about how our emotions make us feel in our bodies.  

    There are feelings, like being sad, tired, bored etc, that make us feel like we don't want to do anything, 

    those are Blue Zone Feelings.  When we're feeling good, happy, focused, calm, etc, we  have energy and

    are in control of our bodies, we are in the Green Zone, which is the best zone for learning. 

    When we are excited, worried, silly, frustrated, fidgety, it is hard to control our bodies and that is the

    Yellow Zone.  If our feelings are so strong, really mad, terrified, really excited, we can't control our

    bodies, that is the Red Zone.