A Challenge...

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  • A Challenge...

    As we were scheduled to approach the conclusion of the course (I and do not know yet if we can still do this), we would have been pursuing a final Sociology Project titled, Society and How We Can Affect It. Considering our hiatus from school provides the perfect opportunity to affect change, I challenge you to begin thinking about taking action to positively affect others. This is just a preview of a more detailed assignment to come. (Just a quick reminder, Sociology is the study of how individual human actions affect the larger society and how the larger society affects individual human behavior, thought, and action. Recalling this definition, let’s focus on the first part of this definition.)

    How, you may ask?


    • Go out there and make a positive change like: **Remember, always follow social distancing guidelines for safety first!
      • Volunteer to help someone with outdoor work.
      • Call an older family member or friend a call and have conversation “just to talk.”
      • Give an extra-large tip at a restaurant you visit frequently.
      • Write a kind letter to a random person from a family address book.
      • Give Blood to the Red Cross or Local Hospital
      • Join in the effort to provide the much needed personal protective equipment to those in the medical or first responder profession (See resources and my experience in the tab under Suggested Work...)
      • Any safe and responsible ideas that you have too!

    **As you consider and implement positive change, please share these things with me, and please let me know if I have your permission to share them on my website. Pictures and links are always helpful too!


    During this school hiatus, I have been trying to refocus on helping others, and have worked with Ms. Ellis (even our daughter has helped too) to make a number of masks for our local fire department and Cooley Dickinson hospital (see link here).

    Great Links to directions if you would also like to make masks.  


    Some pictures of my work :) 

    (Included better as files below.)

    Hard at Work

    Hard at Work 2

    Look at these!

    Even Wiley wanted to help

    Finished Masks