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  • Practice Speech Sounds at Home



    CARD BASED GAMES (see games below)

    -Printed or hand drawn cards (see link below)

    Print out free cards from the following site for the sounds your child is working on.  



    -Ipad -Download Little Bee Articulation Station App and purchase sounds as needed

    -10 of anything to use as counters for productions (10 paper clips, cheerios, blocks, abacus)


    Go thorough target sounds on Ipad producing each word 10 times using the counters as written above

    Even is your child only listens to the words and doesn't produce them, this may also be helpful.


    email me if needed at for help identifying your target sounds


    First off.. Keep the games fun!  Only give positive reinforcement say: “I heard your “mmm” sound!  I like how you put your lips together.” Don’t spend time bringing attention to the times when your child doesn’t make the sound.  When you are practicing, it’s helpful to have a mirror handy and to point to your mouth to show how and where the sounds are made. Talk about what you do with your teeth, tongue, and lips.  If words have many syllables, break them into parts and clap or tap. If the first sound is the most difficult, make the sound in by itself and pause before producing the rest of the word: “p” pause “ig”


    Here are some different ideas for using your target words sound cards in creative ways:

    Secret Square – Spread out the cards in rows across the table face down like in memory.  One player takes a sticker and secretly places it under a card. The other player then turns over cards one a time to try and reveal the hidden sticker.  Each time a card is turned over, the player who is searching says the word on the card 10 times. When the searcher finds the sticker they can be rewarded with a small candy, toy, or they can simply collect the stickers as you play more rounds.
    Hide and Seek  - Hide the cards around the room and hunt for them.  As you find them, say the word 10 times. The player who finds the most cards wins. (Play outside for more fun.)
    Wall Ball  -Tape the cards to the wall and assign points for each card (consider giving more challenging words more points)  Throw a ball at the cards. When you get a hit, say the word 10 times. The player with the most points at the end wins. (This game could also be done outside with a soccer ball, basketball, tennis ball, water shooter or Frisbee.)
    Feed the Monster  Get an old cardboard box of any size.  Draw a monster on it. Feed each card to the monster after saying the word 10 times.  Make the monster spit some of the cards out and say “Yucky”. Have the child use simple props from the kitchen (salt and pepper shakers/hot sauce/etc)  to see if it makes the monster like it better. The game is over once the monster has eaten all of the cards.
    Fireworks Game – Throw all of the cards up in the air whichever card land the closest you say 10 times.   Play until all cards have been practiced.
    Hopscotch Place all of the cards at the end of hopscotch.  Pick a card at the turnaround spot and say it 10 times.  Repeat with all cards.
    Catching FliesOne person pretends to be a frog.  The other player is the fly keeper.  The fly keeper throws the cards (flies) one at a time to the frog.  If the frog must catch the fly and then say the target word 10 times.  Play until at least 10 flies are caught. Then switch roles.
    Speech Sound Fairy – Hide 5-10 cards under your child’s pillow each night before bedtime.  Have them practice their cards 10-20 times each. The Speech Fairy will then visit when they sleep(you place a special small something under the pillow to be found the next morning – small toys, coins, food)

    Recommended Website:  Print out cards 
    Recommended App:
    Little Bee Articulation Station –just buy the sounds you need

    PLEASE email me at with specific questions

  • See video below for how to instruct your child to produce sh and ch

  • See video below for practicing vowel shapes.