5th and 6th Grade Physical Activities for PE/Wellness


    Please e-mail Mrs. Flynn sflynn@shschools.com, Mr. Murphy fmurphy@shschools.com, or Ms. Goldberg dgoldberg@shschools.com each Friday with what you accomplished for the week, also with any questions you may have.  Just a quick reminder your participation does count toward your PE/Wellness grade, so make sure you are e-mailing us so we can keep track of your participation in assignments.  Enjoy this and have fun with it! 

    7th and 8th grade please refer to Ms. Goldberg's website and Mr. Murphy's video tab to the left of the PE website.

    5th and 6th grade (If you rather use a tracking sheet for each week instead of e-mail, click on the PE tracking sheet link below)




    UPDATED MONDAY JUNE 8th for the week of 6/8-6/12


    Choose Fine Motor Skills activities from the chart below!

    Have fun!




    FINE MOTOR SKILLS                                                                                                                                   Duration 20-30 minutes
      Pick one or two activites per day - for 4 days. Duration
    1) Throwing and catching a ball: football, baseball, tennis ball or frisbee  20 to 30 minutes
    2) Do a puzzle  20 to 30 minutes
    3) Play a boardgame  20 to 30 minutes
    4) Build a masterpiece with Legos 20 to 30 minutes
    5) Eat a whole meal with chop sticks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFRzzSF_6gk 20 to 30 minutes
    6) Play a cornhole game 20 to 30 minutes
    7) Play a Wii game 20 to 30 minutes
    8) Dribbling a basketball with non-dominent hand 20 to 30 minutes
    9) Knead dough to bake 20 to 30 minutes
    10) Write with sidewalk chalk or draw or paint a picture 20 to 30 minutes
    11) Finger Knit an item - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsZsUBYU0qU 20 to 30 minutes
    12) Create bracelet with beads and string - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNOioNDsg2s 20 to 30 minutes
    12) Make an oragmi object - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfnyopxdJXQ 20 to 30 minutes
    13) Do an egg-on-a-spoon relay race 20 to 30 minutes



    6-1-20 -6-5-20


    Please try out the exercises listed in the link below!  Have fun!






    WEEK OF MAY 26-29


    Please continue choosing from the activities in the chart below that focus on Gross Motor and Large Group Muscles.  





    Here's a link to help you with Hopscotch:







    MAY 11, 2020

    We have seen some pretty awesome and creative dance routines from some students!  Great moves, song choices and sequence of moves in the routines!  We would love to see or read about the dance routines from more students. For this week, if you have not finished your dance please continue to work on it. Once you are done, you can email us the sequence of your dance moves along with the song choice, or you can email us a video of you performing the dance, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

    Those that have finished the dance routine activity, please feel free to choose your own daily physical activity this week!  Some helpful examples: walking, jogging, practicing throwing and catching, playing any type of sport, card fitness, and exercise videos!

    Monday 4/27/20- Friday 5/8/20

    **As a warm up you may continue to practice the Thriller dance or you may choose a physical activity of your own.  Some examples:  Going for a walk, jog, card fitness (rules further down on this page), playing catch, playing basketball/soccer/hockey, also exercise videos are posted on Ms. Goldberg's website if you want more ideas!**

    Watch the YouTube video link below of the Thriller dance and then practice the dance.  Feel free to have a parent/guardian or sibling(s) join in with you!


     **Put together a dance routine.  You may pick an appropriate song from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s.  Feel free to have a parent/guardian and/or sibling(s) join you in the fun!  I would like your routine to have at least 8 dance moves.  You may choose a dance move you have already learned or create new ones.  Put all your dance moves into a sequence so you have a full dance routine.  I understand this assignment may take time, within the next couple weeks I would love to see your finished routines!  I would love to see videos of your dances or if you rather e-mail me your dance sequence and routine and the song you chose, that is fine to.** Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions at sflynn@shschools.com.  Remember to have fun with this!


     Monday April 13-Friday April 17

    Practice the two warm-up dances we have taught you, the Cotton Eye Joe and the Down South Shuffle

     Cotton Eye Joe:

    **Heel heel..toe toe..down up..down back..one two three clap..turn two three clap..then repeat on left side then repeat again.**

    Down South Shuffle:

    **Right right..one two three clap..left left..one two three clap..back back back back..march two three four..walk two three four..repeat

    If you feel like you have mastered these two warm up dances, start thinking ahead and work on dance moves you would like to incorporate in your own dance routine (an assignment in the near future).

    Also, if possible and safe to do so, try and go for a walk with a parent or guardian and get some fresh air and exercise!






       5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade (Updated 4/8/20)


    • CARD FITNESS:  Take a deck of cards, shuffle them up, flip the top card.  Complete exercises based on the suit and number on the card.  Face cards are worth 15.  Spades = jumping jacks, Clubs = squats, Hearts =  mountain climbers, Diamonds = your choice of exercise.


     5th and 6th Grade (Updated 4/1/20)

    • Throwing and Catching:  If you have space in your yard and it’s safe to go outside, try to practice throwing and catching with a family member with a ball or a frisbee.  Remember if you are throwing underhand you are front to target and stepping in opposition.  If you are throwing overhand you are side to target and stepping in opposition.  If you are throwing a frisbee you are side to target and stepping with the same foot, if you are right handed you are stepping with your right foot.  Try to keep your hand/wrist parallel to the ground and flick your wrist! 
    • READ A BOOK!


     5th and 6th Grade



    Practice the two warm-up dances, Cotton Eye Joe and the Down South Shuffle

    Cotton Eye Joe:

    **Heel heel..toe toe..down up..down back..one two three clap..turn two three clap..then repeat on left side then repeat again.**

    Down South Shuffle:

    **Right right..one two three clap..left left..one two three clap..back back back back..march two three four..walk two three four..repeat 

    Create two dance moves to add to your group’s dance sequence. Think of song ideas for your group from either the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.


    7th and 8th Grade (Updated 4/1/20)

    • If you have space in your yard and it is safe to go outside grab a soccer ball, football or any type of ball that you might have and if possible play with someone you live with.  If you don't have a ball try to go outside and get some type of exercise and fresh air, whether it's a walk, jog or a workout.


    • READ A BOOK!!!!



    7th and 8th Grade

    Speedball Unit Activity Review!

    1.)    What three sports make up the game of Speedball?     


    2.)    Give an example of three lifts.   


    3.)    Explain the different ways you can score in the game of Speedball.   


    4.)    Are you allowed to hit the ball off your arms after the ball bounces off the ground?          Circle:    ​ TRUE or FALSE 


     5.)             ​ X                             X                                  X

                                       X                             X



    Draw an outlet pass using ­­­­­, a support pass using  ______, an x cut using *****, and an  overlap pass using ^^^^^. 


    **If you happen to have a soccer ball or a similar type of ball, try practicing performing the three lifts! You could even get a family member(s) involved! Have fun with it!**



    5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade



    Invent a game/sport involving P.E. equipment that we have in the gym closets, that includes a tournament style of play with six teams.  Explain the game and list specific rules in order.  Feel free to take ideas from different units!




    5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Activity


    If possible try to get some fresh air every day!! Go for a little walk, or do some exercises that Ms. Goldberg has listed on her activities tab. Feel free to keep a daily log of exercise that you accomplished! It doesn't have to be a lot, just try to do something every day!! Have fun with it!