• Monday, March 23, 2020

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    Let's Try Some Math!  Look Under Your Class Section for Some "Suggested Math"!


    Helpful Sites to Keep You Mathematically Active:

    Khan Academy

    Big Ideas Math-Free Student Edition


    Note:  Students Have Four Problems of the Week to Work On!!!

    POW #5 is posted in the POW Section



    Your student's book is online at: www.bigideasmath.com 

    Parents/Guardians/Students:  Check out Khan Academy for over 4000 "mini" Video Lessons on Math, Science and more! 


    Current Book: Big Ideas Math (A Common Core Curriculum)


    Thought of the Week:

    We Are All In This Together! 


     Class A (9:13-10:23) and Class D (1:15-2:25)

    Work on Problem of the Week #5 

    Let's Move To Chapter 10 in our Big Ideas Book:  Probability

    Read Section 10.1 and Try "What You Learned Before", pg. 400 and the "On Your Own Questions.

    What You Learned Before Answers:

    1. 1:3  2. 3:4    3. 1:2    4. 1:3    5. 1:2    6.  4:3     7. 1: 5


    On Your Own Answers: 1a. A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K    1b. A,E,I


        Class B & C: Accelerated  (10:23-11:30 & 11:30-1:15 - Lunch)

    Work on Problem of the Week #5

    Lets go to 11.5 in Big Ideas Math

    Read 11.5 and Try the "On Your Own Questions." Answers:  1. Rectangle B  2.  X=4   3. X =24    4.    18

    Try HC, pg. 498, 1-11.  Answers:  1. Congruent   2. Proportional    3. Yes, angles are congruent and side lengths are proportional   4. Similar     5. Not Similar    6.    7.   8.  15   9.   6& 2/3    10.    14.4      11.   14


    Homework may be different for different classes!!  

    Read below to find the homework for your particular class block  


     Class A & Class D

    None of this is Mandatory-Just Try it for your longterm Mathematical Benefit!



    Class B & C

    None of this is Mandatory-Just Try it for your longterm Mathematical Benefit!