• Supporting Occupational Therapy Goals at Home


    Here are a few general ways to keep progressing towards occupational therapy goals while school is not in session. If you would like suggestions specific to your child/student please feel free to contact me at jprovencher@shschools.com. I will provide personalized worksheets and activities upon request. If you have sensory questions/concerns please contact me directly for recommendations, thank you! -Jaclyn Provencher, OTR/L


    1. Practice daily activities to work towards independence.
      1. Follow daily task routines including, bathing, toileting, washing hands, brushing teeth, grooming, wearing deodorant, getting dressed, and tying shoes.
      2. Practice using utensils to eat such as forks and spoons.
      3. Help family members prepare and cook meals.
      4. Practice zipping, snapping, and buttoning.
    2. Work on fine motor skills.
      1. Play games like connect four, memory, cards, kerplunk, or operation. Anything that requires the players to use their hands and fingers to move parts to play the game.
      2. Draw, color, paint, and make simple craft projects.
      3. Play with play-doh, kinetic sand, and build with Legos.
    3. Practice writing names, the alphabet, numbers, or spelling words.
    4. Practice typing, type words/sentences from your favorite books, type a list or a schedule to stay on task while at home.
    5. Work on visual motor skills.
      1. Complete mazes, dot to dots, and/or word searches.
      2. Copy simple-complex designs or your favorite animations.
      3. Bounce a ball, toss it back and forth with a partner.
      4. Work on a puzzle.

    March 2020


    Hello Mosier Students and Adults,

    I hope you are all staying safe and healthy as we wait for the Coronavirus to go away!  I miss you!

    Playing and listening to music is an excellent way of managing stress. Many of our music games can be played with family members.  Please see my website for specific things you can do by grade level:  https://www.southhadleyschools.org/Domain/1116

    Even though we have had to cancel our April 2nd Mosier Music Night for now, I am hoping that we can reschedule it once we are back at school!  I have posted our songs for Mosier Music Night as well as our belt songs on my website, so please continue practicing!!

    I have also posted our St. Patrick Day's Songs on my website (see above).  I'm sure your adults would LOVE to hear you sing them!

    Here are some music computer games that are fun and will help you keep your skills sharp:  http://www.musictechteacher.com/music_quizzes/music_quizzes.htm   I hope you enjoy them!

    I look forward to seeing you soon!!

    Mrs. Bishop (AKA Ms. Noble)


    March 2020- Activities from Mr. Gauthier- Physical Education Teacher


    Hello boys and girls, I hope you are all doing well and following the safety guidelines as set forth by the federal government. One of the best things we all can do right now during this difficult time is exercise and stay busy. I have some suggestions for you and your family that will be fun and healthy. Remember it is important to keep your distance when playing or socializing with friends. Please try to keep a weekly journal or log of your activities, something really simple, just write down a list of activities you did throughout the week. Identify each week as week 1, week 2, etc., etc.. Remember I am offering you some suggested activities, you,  family and friends will be able to create your own activities as well. I am excited to see what new games you will create so that you can share them with your classmates when we return to school.

    Please remember if you are traveling or playing outside of your yard you must be accompanied by an adult.


    • walking, jogging, skipping outdoors.
    • jump rope - add some music to enhance the fun!
    • 'Fun Fitness' for grades 3,4 - google Tabata songs and use the free music that is provided.
    • Juggle - use handkerchiefs or rolled up socks
    • play sports; soccer, basketball, wiffleball, football, hockey, tennis, invent a new sport
    • pin knock down
    • yoga
    • frisbee
    • Dancing: 'Gator, Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, Cotton Eye Joe, YMCA, Circle dance
    • Hiking
    • limit screen time and utilize games that make you move.


    Have fun and stay healthy!