• April 6th + April 7th 


    It is beautiful out!  Pick an acitivity/exerciseyou love to do  and tell me about it! 

  • April 5th 


    How many sits ups can you do in 2 minutes?

  • April 4th 


    Do 20 minutes of any activity and tell us about it 

  • April 3rd - Creative Outfit Day 


    Learn a new Tic Tok Dance! 

  • Wed April 1st - PJ Day 

    Wall Sit challenge!

    How long can you hold a wall sit for?


  • Tues March 31st - Tiger Pride Day

    Watch and support the Teacher parade if you can! 


  • Monday March 30th 


    20 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as you can)

    25 jumping jacks

    10 push ups (reg, knees, wall)

    Record your rounds!!! 

  • Thursday March 26th 

    Spell your first name.... take a two minute break... spell your last name and do the exercises


  • March 25th, 2020

    Get a coin and follow the below up to 10 rounds 


  • March 23, 2020

    Workout of the Day

    10 minute AMRAP (Means as many rounds as possible ) 

    *So set a timer on your phone for 10 minutes do the below and see how many rounds you can do!*

    5 Pushups (reg, knees, against wall)

    8 sit ups (reg or crunches)

    10 air squats

    Repeat until the 10 minutes are up and record your rounds 


  • March 19th, 2020



    Sea Sick *Taken from S.V.G. located right in South Hadley*

    1000m Run 

    20 Burpees

    500m Run 

    30 Burpees

    250m Run 

    40 Burpees 

    Record your time