Staff email list

  • During this unsettled time I will be working with several of my colleagues to ensure that students are being provided with a variety of opportunities for learning.  I will be emailing parents of students on my caseload with specific information, but I am a resource for the district, so please do not hesitate to utilize these resources or to contact me directlyat  


    Grade 2

    Jen Clark-

    Amy Cormier-

    Jericho Fellows-

    Melissa Gamache-

    Jeff LaPlante-

    Jessica Law-


    Special Education

    Director- Elizabeth Cooke-

    Principal- Paul Goodhind-

    Grade 4- Kim Carey-

    Grade 3/4- Sherryl Sparks-

    Grade 3- Mary Kay Tierney-

    TTC classroom- Kate Roy-

    ABA classroom- Carly Schneider-

    Speech and Language- Rebecca Lavelle-

    Speech and Language- Katy Zraunig-

    Occupational Therapy- Jaclyn

    Physical Therapy- Lisa Zinter

    Autism Specialist- Dawn Smith-

    School Adjustment Counselor- Betsy McNamara-

    School Psychologist- Jen Markow-