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    Credit/No Credit...Mandatory work from 4/13-?


     Grading Policy in PowerSchool

    The grading options that I am using for Q4 and will appear in PowerSchool are as follows;
    • Collected: A Green checkmark designates that the assignment was handed in and has earned full credit.


    • Missing: An Orange exclamation mark designates that the assignment has not been handed in, is missing, and therefore has not earned credit.


    • Incomplete: A Blue, half-filled circle designating that the assignment has been handed in, but it was not sufficiently done to earn credit and therefore is incomplete. 


    • Late: A Pink clock-hand sign designating that the assignment was late, but turned in and has earned full credit.  


    • Exempt: A Purple diagonal sign designating that your student is exempt from this assignment.  




    World War II Unit

    Essential Questions: 

    How did WWII impact Americans' understanding of equality and freedom at home and abroad?
    This unit will include both class discussion and activities associated with World War II.  The material will center around the reasons for America's involvement, the home front, America's role overseas, the decision to drop the atomic bomb, and the effects of America's participation in the war.
    Corresponding Chapters in the Textbooks:
    United States History (Hardcover): Chapter 14.1-14.8 World War II
    Give Me Liberty! Text:
    Chapter 22 Fighting for the Four Freedoms