Social Media
  • Social Media Hiatus: 5 lessons learned

    • Josh Ochs recently had the pleasure of chatting on the Smart Social podcast with Katherine Dayton, who teaches students to explore the world and find empathy– without the distraction of social media. Katherine Dayton is the Director and Owner of VISIONS Service Adventures and in this episode she talks about the benefits of taking a social media hiatus.

    Beware: Fachat App Is like the New Chatroulette

    • If you don’t want your kids paying to video chat with complete strangers, then keep them off the Fachat app. That’s the whole point of this new app. It launched in the fall of 2019 and is quickly rising in popularity. It’s also raising some serious red flags for the team at Smart Social.

    Social Media Use Associated with Disordered Eating

    • Researchers have reported a “clear pattern of association” between social media use and disordered eating thoughts and behaviors. Associations occur at younger ages than previously investigated, they noted in a study published in International Journal of Eating Disorders.

    "My Daughter was bullied on Snapchat" warns mom

    • Maryellen Krammer does her best to keep her teenage daughter educated about the dangers of social media. But the Freshman at Marist High School in Chicago made a mistake – and she’s still being cyberbullied on Snapchat because of it.