• Tuesday 11/19

    • Display and analyze Founding Fathers food trucks
    • Begin next unit - Monroe, National Unity

    Thursday 11/14 - Monday 11/18

    • work time on Founding Fathers food truck assignment. due Tuesday


    Wednesday 11/13

    • Go over the War of 1812
    • Founding Fathers assessment assignment and work time

    Tuesday 11/12

    • War of 1812: book reading and notes on the outcomes

    Monday 11/11 - no school

    Friday 11/8

    • War of 1812: reading and activity on the causes of the war

    Thursday 11/7

    • debate: should Thomas Jefferson have freed his slaves?

    Wednesday 11/6 (C block only)

    • Was Jefferson a hypocrite? discuss, review notes on his presidency
    • Prepare for Jefferson slavery debate

    Tuesday 11/5 - no school

    Monday 11/4

    • C block: Jefferson the hypocrite - notes, video
    • E block: reivew and discuss Jefferson evidence and notes
      • prepare for slavery debate

    Friday 11/1 (E block only)

    • rap battles due
    • notes on Jefferson's policy
    • finding evidence on Jefferson

    Homework: none

    Thursday 10/31

    • work time on rap battles

    Wednesday 10/30

    • John Adams - notes
    • Begin work on John Adams rap battle

    Homework: rap battle due Friday (E block) or Monday (C block)

    Tuesday 10/29

    • Alexander hamilton notes
    • Hamilton rap battle - read and annotate

    Homework: finish annotations

    Monday 10/28

    • Review Washington's precedents and farewell address advice
    • Beginning of political parties - Federalists vs Democratic-Republicans

    Friday 10/25 (C block only)

    • Washington's farewell address

    Thursday 10/24

    • Washington's precedents - notes, examples

    Wednesday 10/23 (E block only) or Tuesday 10/22 (C block only)

    • Work on Tree of Liberty

    Homework: finish tree

    Monday 10/21

    • Review of foundational documents
    • Begin Tree of Liberty project

    Homework: project due on Thursday, essay due Monday 10/28

    Friday 10/18

    • Work time on essay

    Thursday 10/17

    • Essay assignment and requirements
    • Essay outline work

    Homework: essay due Monday 10/18

    Wednesday 10/16 (C block only)

    • writing intorduction paragraphs

    Tuesday 10/15

    • C block:
      • finding direct evidence to support an opinion
      • body paragraph practice
    • E block:
      • writing introduction paragraphs

    Homework: C block finsh body paragraph worksheets, E block none

    Friday 10/11 (E block only)

    • Collecting direct evidence
    • Body paragraph practice

    Homework: body paragraph worksheet, due Tuesday

    Thursday 10/10

    • Continue work on group evidence hunt with Constitution

    Wednesday 10/9

    • Group evidence hunt: finding direct evidence in the Constitution

    Tuesday 10/8

    • Results of the Constitutional Convention
    • Federalists and Anti-Federalists
      • make a campaign bumper sticker for Feds or Anti-Feds

    Homework; finish bumper sticker

    Monday 10/7

    • Constitutional Convention: debating the issues to compromise on a new Constitution
      • class activity and discussion

    Homework: finish Constitutional Convention packet

    Friday 10/4 (C block only)

    • Finish Shays Rebellion video
    • Prep for Constitutional convention (notes on convention issues)

    Thursday 10/3

    • C block only
      • go over city and country person drawings
      • Shays Rebellion notes
      • Begin Shays rebellion video
    • E only
      • finish Shays rebellion video
      • Begin preparing for Constitutional Convention
      • Homework: finish p. 3 of Convention Prep packet


    Wednesday 10/2 (E block only)

    • Draw a city person and a country person. Discuss differences
    • Shays Rebellion-  notes
    • Begin Shays Rebellion video

    Tuesday 10/1 (C block only)

    • Review cell phone policies
    • Articles of Confederation notes
    • Draw a city person and a country person

    Monday 9/30

    • What is the purpose of government - discussion
    • Make a new cell phone policy - who does it please? 
    • Articles of Confederation notes (E only)

    Homework: none