• Reconstruction Unit Test

    • Multiple Choice (30% weight)
    • Amendment Identification (10%)
    • Primary Source Analysis (10%)
    • Goals of Reconstruction Through Quote Analysis (21%)
    • Essay (1 of 3) (30%)...see below.

    Essay Question

     Please answer one of the following essay questions in full sentences and with proper grammatical form. This essay is likely to be the front and back of ONE sheet of paper. (**You should include as much specific factual content information as possible to prove your understanding of the unit.) (10 points total, ~40%)


    1. Our course is centered around the enduring thematic question: How have Americans’ differing interpretations of the principles of freedom and liberty challenged the nation? Using Reconstruction as the basis of your response, please discuss how differing interpretations of freedom and liberty between the majority of Southerners and Radical Republicans challenged the nation during Reconstruction. You should describe two differing interpretations of freedom and liberty AND how the nation was affected by these differing interpretations in your response.


    1. Was Reconstruction a success or failure? Or, was it something in between? In your response, you should:
    • Make clear your meaning of success and failure
    • Address healing and justice
    • The goals of reconstruction and their effects.



    1. Stating that he “Lived among men, not among angels,” Thaddeus Stevens (a Radical Republican Congressman from PA) recognized that the Reconstruction Amendments were not perfect. Discuss 2 Amendments (you may include ONE Bill of Rights Amendment if you desire), explaining their strengths and weaknesses in relation to Reconstruction.