• Friday 9/27

    • Go over Revolutionary War info from yesterday
    • Essay outlines and evidence
    • Work on essay outline, due Monday

    Homework: essay outline due Monday

    Thursday 9/26

    • Ms Wendt out sick
    • Compelte worksheet with textbook on the Revolutionary War

    Homework: essay outline due mon

    Wednesday 9/25 (C block only)

    • Thesis statemetns
    • Essay outlines from thesis statements

    Homework: essay outline due Monday

    Tuesday 9/24

    • C block:
      • Go over Declaration of Independence
      • Forming historical opinions
    • E block:
      • Review thesis statements
      • Write a historical thesis statement
      • How to turn a thesis into an outlien
      • Work time

    Homework: essay outline due Monday 9/30

    Monday 9/23 (E block only)

    • Go over Delcaration of Indepdence
    • Forming historical opinions
    • Thesis statements

    Homework: finish front side of worksheet

    Friday 9/20

    • Declaration of Independence:
      • reading
      • breakup letter activity

    Homework: finish breakup letter or texts if you didn't finish in class

    Thursday 9/19

    • Unifying the colonies: notes
    • Readings: Common Sense, The Olive Branch Petition

    Homework: none

    Wednesday 9/18

    • Battle of Lexington
      • read sources, analyze

    Homework: finish packet, write 7-10 sentence description

    Tuesday 9/17

    Friday 9/12

    • C Block only:
      • Review of taxes and acts from the British perspective
      • Boston Massacre - propaganda vs the real story
    • E block only:

    Homework: none

    Thursday 9/12 (E block only)

    • Review of taxes and acts from the British perspective
    • Boston Massacre - propaganda vs the real story

    Homework: none

    Wednesday 9/11

    • Reading and group work on different taxes and laws

    Homework: finish conclusion questions if you didn't finish in class

    Tuesday 9/10

    • British: reasons they were annoying to the colonists
      • notes
      • activity/worksheets

    Homework: none

    Monday 9/9

    • Review fort building activity from Friday
    • British step in to save colonies: French and Indian War
      • notes
      • breakup analogy

    Homework: write a conversation between Britain and the colonies at this point

    Friday 9/6

    • Fort Necessity:
      • fort design activity
      • George Washington and his fort in the Ohio River Valley


    Thursday 9/5 (C block only)

    • Go over colonies worksheet
    • Salutary neglect (notes)
    • Raid on Deerfield story

    Homework; turn in signed contract

    Wednesday 9/4

    • finish Pocahontas story (C block)
    • 13 colonies worksheet (C block)
    • Raid on Deerfield story (E block)

    Tuesday 9/3 (E block only)

    • Review Pocahontas activity from Friday
    • 13 colonies review worksheet

    Homework; finish worksheet, turn in signed contract