1. Select your method book, "Tradition of Excellence" and learn these songs:

    • Banana Boat Song
    • Indigo Rock

    2. Antagonist by Larry Clark


    Songs before the Covid 19 Break


    Scroll to the bottom for recordings to help you practice at home!


    Students in 5th Grade can learn one of these instruments to be part of the band:

    • Flute                                   
    • Clarinet                       
    • Alto Saxophone
    • Trumpet                       
    • Trombone                       
    • Percussion (Xylophone & Practice Pad)

    Students will need to either rent or own their instrument in order to join band. It is not necessary to do anything during the summer to get ready for band. The students will receive all the information necessary to secure an instrument in September when they arrive to school. Please be on the lookout for the Beginning Band Packet that will go home with students next year. It will have all the information you’ll need to get ready to learn an instrument and join our school band.

    Besides having an instrument, band students will need their own copy of the Method Book that we use for 5th Grade Band.

    “Tradition of Excellence Book 1” by KJOS Publishing. The approximate cost is $12.95.

     5th Grade Band students will play their instrument 3x per week at school.

    • TUESDAYS After-School (2:30 – 3:45 pm) Band Rehearsal  *
    • WEDNESDAYS during School    45 minute weekly group lesson on rotating schedule
    • FRIDAYS during School        Band Rehearsal 40 minutes before lunch

    There is a Late Bus available starting in October.  Our 1st After-School Rehearsal is 10/22

    If you want to be in the band – Keep TUESDAY Afternoons Free!