Government and Civics Assignments during School Closing:

  • Dear Government and Civics Students,

    Please see the points below outlining what you should be working on while school is closed. Feel free to email Ms. Wendt any time with questions, comments, or simply to say hello.

    1. Class assignments and resources 

    Each week there will be recommended assignments related to our class content, such as the media unit or our next unit, Politics and Political Parties. Please access these files and assignments through the Google Folder links below. First, click on the Unit Assignments folder. The assignments and resources are arranged within that folder in order, so you can open and follow the directions for whichever assignment you are on, and continue through the assignments at your own pace. The first three assignments were originally in the Media Unit assignments page, I just rearranged them slightly for better organization going forward. Email Ms. Wendt if you have any questions about any of the assignments or directions.

    2. Weekly Readings and Reflection Paper

    Each Monday I will post two articles and a reflection question or discussion topic based on these questions. These will be posted in the Google Folder which is shared below and will be labeled like this (for example): Week 3: March 30 - April 2. If anyone has an article or topic they would like to suggest, please share it with me.

    All students: Make at least one comment about the articles or a related topic in the discussion space provided on the Google Doc.

    Honors students should read the two articles and write a one-page reflection paper each week, following the same guidlines as our weekly discussion papers. 

    CP students should read the two articles and send me a one-paragraph response to the posted discussion questions. As always, CP students must write two discussion papers per quarter. If you would like to complete one or both of your required discussion papers, you may do so in response to the posted topics. These papers should follow the guidelines of the weekly discussion papers as always.

    3. Stay informed. Read, listen, and question. This is an unprecedented time in United States History and world history. Our government is dealing with issues it has never dealt with before and as a result there will be challenges to our democracy, our Constitution, and our governmental systems. While schools are closed, the most important thing I would like to you do is to stay informed - read the news, read news from different sources, and think critically about it.

American Government and Civics

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  • Discussion topic of the week:

    Date: Friday, March 13


    Should the government be allowed to put restrictions on the News and moreover should there be restrictions and repercussions for the new abusing power? (Note question refers to all of the medium of the news and its stories however the discussion will have some focus on Coronavirus as it is the most recent and prominent example of the news blowing an issue out of proportion)