U.S. History Assignments during School Closings:

  • Hello U.S. History Students,


    Each week that school is closed, I will post an assignment for the week. The details of the assignment will be explained on the weekly Google Doc, which is available in the list of Google Files below. When you have finished each week's assignment, please send it to Ms. Wendt. You can send a Google Doc, an email, or a picture of your written work.

    Revisions on the Reconstruction essay will be due no later than the day that we return to school. If you would like to receive the points for revising the essay now instead of waiting until May, you may complete the revisions now. If you do this, please re-share your essay with Ms Wendt AND send Ms. Wendt a picture of your original grading rubric. I cannot grade the new version without knowing where you lost points on the first version.

    Please email me any time if you have questions, comments, or just want to say hello and answer the Question of the Day. I will be posting the weekly assignment every Monday and responding to emails and updating the Question of the Day (just for fun!) daily.

    This is an unprecedented time in U.S. History. One important thing that you should do while we are out of school is to stay informed - read articles, watch the news - and think critically about the information you are receiving. Decades from now, you will tell your grandchildren about this historical moment.

    If you finish all of that... read a book! There is nothing better than reading to improve your mind.

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