AP Psychology Assignments during School Closing:

  • Dear AP Psychology Students,


    The AP test format has been changed this year. You will be taking the test from home in a 45-minute version. I will update with more information when I learn more about it myself, but you can find the most recent updates from the AP administration here:

    Feel free to email me any time if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or if you just want to say hello and answer the Question of the Day.

    You all have shared access to the Google Drive folder linked below. In that folder you will find the Google Slides presentations and activities for the Intelligence & Testing unit, the vocab review discussion forms, and lots of review resources. 

    1. You should have finished reading the textbook at this point, p. 1-650. This covers the content that will be on the AP exam.

    2. Complete your Personality Unit writing assessment, the one-page reflection described in the Personality Unit Packet from last week. You may type your reflection or send me a picture of a written page. This is due at any point in the next three weeks.

    3. Vocab Review Discussion. You will find your class's discussion form in the Google Drive folder below. Instructions are included in the file. You are to add your part to this assignment once each week  but you may do it more often if you desire.

    4. Review! The AP test is fast approaching. Use all of your new-found free time to review your notes from the entire year of psych class. Make flashcards, check out the many Quizlets availble online already, etc. Access review materials in the designated folder of the class Google Folder, found below.




AP Psychology

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