• Psychology

    Unit 6: Learning & Cognition

    How do we remember? Activity

    Assessment Grade: 5 points


    Directions:  In your groups of 2-3 students, you will create a meaningful way to represent & remember your assigned Memory term. You will then informally present this term to the class. You have no more than 2-3 minutes to present your term to the class.


    How might you make your term meaningful? How can this term/idea become useful to you and others?

    • It all depends upon your term, but colorful visuals, catchy phrases, demonstrations, and other ways to emphasize key info is always encouraged.




    1. Semantic Encoding/Self-Referencing Effect
    2. Serial Position Effect
      1. Primacy Effect
      2. Recency Effect
    3. Context Effect
    4. State-Dependent Memory
    5. Mnemonic Devices
    6. Chunking


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