• US History

    World War II Unit

    Study Guide & Format of Test


    • War Years
    • Axis vs. Allied Powers Identified
    • Locations on European & Pacific Maps
    • Unit Terms
    • Causes of War: Totalitarianism, Aggression, Isolationism, Appeasement
    • Major World Figures (Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Churchill, Roosevelt)
    • America’s Entry into War: Pearl Harbor
    • War on the Homefront
      • Japanese Internment & Executive Order 9066
      • Economic and Social Impacts of War
    • Allied Strategy for Victory: Get Hitler First, D-Day, & Island Hopping
    • Atrocities of War: Holocaust & American bombing
    • End of War Chronology
    • Major Dates/Turning Points in the War
    • Major Reason to Drop the Atomic Bomb


    Format of Test

    -Multiple Choice (~35 %)

    -Short Answer or Identification (45%)

    -Mapping Locations (20%)