Study Guide

  • US History

    1920s, Great Depression/New Deal Unit Assessment Study Guide


    Format of the Exam:

    • Multiple Choice
    • Document Analysis
    • Defining Terms
    • Political Cartoon Analysis




    • Harlem Renaissance
    • Description of the 1920’s as consumerist, materialistic
    • President’s philosophies for the economy: laissez-faire & pro-business
    • Vocab: Corporation & Stock
    • Tradition vs. Modernity
      • Flappers/New Woman
      • 18th and 19th Amendments


    Great Depression and New Deal (1929-1941)

    • Beginning of the Great Depression/Causes of the Great Depression
      • Black Tuesday
      • Characteristics of a Depression
    • Hoover vs. Roosevelt Philosophies for combating the Great Depression
    • New Deal legislation (100 Day Congress: FDIC, SSA, CCC, WPA, etc.
    • Effects of the New Deal on American History
    • Criticisms of the New Deal from Conservatives
    • African Americans and Women in the New Deal



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