1920s Unit Homework

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    _________HW # 1 Textbook Reading (0 points) 


    1. Read textbook Chapter 12.4, pages 475-481 and think about the content of the pages in relation to the Essential Question: How did modern understandings of freedom and equality challenge traditional values in the 1920s?


    _________HW # 2 Textbook Reading, Terms, & Questions (10 points)


    1. Read textbook Chapter 12.6, pages 488-496.
    2. Define the following terms, and think about their significance in relation to the Essential Question stated above. You may write these on this paper.
    3. Complete the table on the following page.


    1. Scopes Monkey Trial:


    1. Red Scare:


    1. Sacco & Vanzetti:


    1. National Origins Act:


    1. Emergency Quota Act:


    1. Ku Klux Klan:



    1. Continued…Using the Assessment Question on pages 496 as the basis of your responses, complete the table below with information demonstrating the divide between Rural and Urban America from the chapter.


    Rural America/


    Urban America/





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