• Your child will have the opportunity to participate in an Action Civics Project where they will be encouraged to actively participate as citizens by addressing issues in their communities.

    Students will be learning how to work effectively as a group, explore their opinions on local, state and national events and start to brainstorm possible issues within the community they would like to address through this project.

    Each week we will dedicate at least one day of class time to research and create our final product which is a Civics Action Plan where students work together to come up with and present a solution to a local/community issue.

    While a good portion of work will be done in school, this is a long-term project that will require work to be done at home as well.

    We will divide this project into manageable pieces for you and your child, so keep an eye out for upcoming due dates throughout the next few months.  You may also access our websites at any time for directions, links and due dates.