• HW # 1: Read Module 4 (pgs. 59-76) and Define Unit Terms

     HW# 2: Brain Scenarios

    Directions: Like the example below, create 3 scenarios that affect ONE area of the brain in each scenario. In EACH of your 3 scenarios, you must include:

    1. The scenario, written within one or two sentences, that includes a behavior that is affected by ONE area of the brain. (2 points)
    2. A question that asks the exact phrase or something similar to, “What part of the brain is affected by this scenario?”
    3. The answer to your brain scenario. (1 point)


    Broca’s Area 1. On Julies’s 66th birthday, she fell victim to a stroke that left her unable to speak clearly and pronounce words correctly. The impaired and slurred speech is a result of damage to which part of Julie’s brain?