• 1) All students, first and foremost, are expected to treat educators and peers with kindness and respect. Disruptions that get in the way of learning will not be tolerated.

    2) Upon entering the classroom, students will be expected to locate their folders, have the warm-up book open and ready, and sit quietly until further instructed. On most occasions, the warm-up will be available on the projector.

    3) Students are expected to advocate for themeselves when missing work due to absences. Students can check missed work on Powerschool. If there are issues with Powerschool, it is on the student to seek out help to correct any issues.

    4) Students are expected to contribute to classroom discussion, classwork, and activities. Participaton is integral to learning in this classroom.

    5) Students who fall below a C average are expected to utilize my after-school hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-3:30.