• Major Course Objectives: Projects and Activities

    The students will:

    1. Have a general knowledge of career opportunities in the foodservice and hospitality industry.
    2. Be exposed to the commercial foodservice production.
    3. Gain independence in residential food production and life skills.
    4. Develop teamwork skills to complete the task and required projects
    5. Learn proper food safety and sanitation.
    6. Be able to use Commercial and Residential Equipment

    A major part of the course, the students will be working in the student-run restaurant, rotating in different position throughout the year.

    Homework will be assigned weekly with assignments given on Monday and will be due Friday (Depending on Assignment).  Homework will usually consist of writing assignments, mathematics related to recipes adjustment and food costing, menu development and recording of a daily nutrition log.


    Foundations Of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts NRA -Prostart Year 1

    Foundations Of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts NRA -Prostart Year 2

    The Culinary Professional Culinary Institute of America

    Office Hours are upon request to the student

    Assessment and Grading

    10% Worksheets and Handouts

    40% Quizzes and Assessments

    40% Shop Participation and Sanitation

    10% Homework and Do Nows

    Grading Scale

    A 90-100 Exceeds expectations

    B 80-89 Meets Expectations in the field

    C 70-79 Passing, but does not meet some standards

    D 66-69 Passing, but only meets the minimum standards

    F 65 or Below, Failing, does not meet the minimum standards

    Note: The yearly grade is determined by school policy, which assigns an 80% weight to the four term average and a 20% weight to the midterm and final examinations.