• Class Overview

    We will practice many aspects of social communication, break-down various types of non-verbal communication, and explore skills to help students understand & utilize communication to become better communicators.


    Class Expectations

    Be KIND, stay ENGAGED, & work HARD.

    Beginning of class → Take a seat by the time the bell rings, put your phone away, hove your binder and any assignments out on your desk, Check the agenda board for your “Do Now”

    End of class → Put your binder away, and return to your seat until dismissed. Do not line up at the door.


    Academic Dishonesty

    Academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. Cheating, copying, or plagiarism of any form will result in failure of the assignment, disciplinary referral, and parent contact.


    Absences or Late Work

    I will only accept late work due to an absence OR when a student has requested extra time (with a reasonable excuse) BEFORE the due date. When absent, please check the Red drop-down folders at the back of the classroom for make-up work. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RESCHEDULE MISSED ASSESSMENTS.


    South Hadley High School’s Learning Expectations

    • LE1: Read and write effectively
    • LE2: Communicate and listen effectively
    • LE3: Think critically and problem solve independently & collaboratively
    • LE4: Demonstrate individual responsibility for one's own learning
    • LE5: Demonstrate respectful behavior and ability to resolve conflicts


    My Commitments to You

    • I will get to know you as an individual and treat you with respect and kindness.
    • I will do everything I can to support your learning.
    • I have very high expectations for your learning and will hold you to them.