• *** Miss B's After School Hours are THURSDAY! ***

    Our Class Rules: 

    1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

    2. Respect your classmates and the teacher.  

    3. Respect the belongings of others and the school. 

    4. Be kind and use kind words. 

    5. Come to class prepared and ready to learn. 

    6. Keep an open mind to new ideas. 

    7. Try your best.  


    Classroom Policies:

    1. Ask Three, Then Me - Ask three students before asking the teacher for simple questions.  Especially if it the question is a "where is..?" "when is this due?" or "what are we doing?" question!

    2. Fasten Seatbelts Light - when the fasten seatbelts light is on, it means that this is an important time to stay in the classroom because we are hearing directions, learning something brand new, or copying down homework.  Please wait until the fasten seatbelts light is OFF before you ask to use the restroom, go to your locker, get a drink of water, go see the nurse, or leave the classroom for any other reason (of course, unless it's an emergency!)

    3. Flexible Seating - In my classroom, we have many opportunities to choose our seats in order to do our best work - and sometimes that means working somewhere other than a desk!  Students will have the chance to sit in alternative seats as long as work is completed in a responsible way, students stay on task, and behaviors stay under control.  

    4. Missed Work - If a student has missed work due to illness or other absence, the student will have three days to make up the missed work without penalty.  If a student is absent for an extended time or if the absence impacts a project or writing assignment, I will work with the student to make a plan to make up this work in an effective manner.



    We will be prepared with their supplies everyday, including:

    • binder
    • pencils/pens
    • post-it notes
    • index cards
    • take-home binder with agenda
    • all work that is due
    • independent reading book
    • any book or text we are reading (such as Peak, or book club novels)

    We will follow the PBIS expectations in the classroom, the halls, the library, the cafeteria, and all other rooms in the school.

    We will listen when others are speaking and not talk over others.

    We will be responsible for our belongings, for completing our work, and for making up missed work.

    We will respect the opinions, viewpoints, and voice of others.

    We will stand up for eachother and not knock anyone down.