Peer Review and Consultation Groupings

  • Step by Step Instructions for a Successful Peer Review and Consultation 

    1. Ask yourself, "At this point, what do I need the most help with?"  Write down these needs.  Maybe you need help with refining your thesis, finding proper evidence to prove your trend, what to argue or say about why this trend is happening, etc.  Write these needs down on a sheet of paper that you will take with you into the Peer Review and Consultation.
    2. Share your project with your assigned peer(s).  How do I do this?
      • In your Noodle Tools Account, click on the Dashboard tab at the top.
      • In the Sharing and Collaboration section of the page, click on "Add Students."
      • Add your assigned peer(s) with their Gmail Account.  Add your peer reviewer as "Peer Reviewer" ONLY. 


    Sharing Your Project with Your Peer Reviewer


    Peer Review and Consultation Groupings 

    D Block:

    1. JustinTaylor-Kendra Smith
    2. Victor Omojola-Emily Couture
    3. Taylor Gelinas-Madden Lacoste
    4. Ava Aldrich-Baylee Cox
    5. Olivia Geitz-Rainy Wortelboer
    6. Kenny Tran-Alyssa Mazza
    7. Lilly Liebowitz-Emma Manzi
    8. Amy Hampon-Emma Rahilly-Moira McDermott
    9. John Parenteau-Bryan Wolf


    F Block:

    1. Kevin Johnson-Lyle Pare
    2. Tom O’Neill-Ryan Levrault
    3. Ethan Ortyl-Zoe Golden
    4. Hannah Gebhardt-Olivia Blaney
    5. Max Garvin-Andrew Couture