Helpful Hints/Tips

  • Helpful Hints/Tips:


    To Submit Info Regarding your Agents of Socialization Project:

    1. Sign into Gmail with this account information;

    username: goelzhistoryshhs

    password: TIGERS2019

    1. Open Google Drive and go to the Sociology Folder.
    2. Open your Sociology Block's, then Agents of Socialization Project document and follow the stated directions.


    Hints for Handing Out Surveys

    1. Decide whether an electronic survey or a paper survey would be best suited to your research question.  Remember, if you use an electronic survey, these sites often allow you to analyze the results more easily.


    1. Include retrieval information on each survey.  For example, Return to Room 608, or include Block, etc.


    1. Consider how much time it takes to take the survey and approach individuals or teachers politely, understanding their time constraints.


    1. Consider providing the context to others/teachers who your group is asking to give the survey. Say that you're conducting research in Sociology, etc.


    1. When receiving surveys, are you maintaining anonymity?  For example, are you right there ready to take their survey, or have you created a physical box for survey results to go into?


    Considerations for Creating the Presentation:

    1. You will be assessed using the rubric included in the project packet.  So, make sure to focus on the rubric topics. **Each group member must participate in the presentation.  **Any members of the group that do not participate in the presentation, except excused by a doctor’s note, will be deducted, individually, by 20%.
    2. Your presentation should:

    ___a. Effectively demonstrates content of research topic (4/5 points)

    • Convey your research topic/question, why you pursued this research, and hypothesis (0/5 points)
    • Convey your results and analysis (1/5 points)
    • Explanation for how your results affect a sense of self and/or interactions with society (2/5 points)
    • Explanation for whether your results are generalizable (1/5 points)

                            ___b. Effectively delivers the presentation: see school-wide LE 2 (1/5 points)                       

    Use visuals like graphs, images, data, etc.

    **Will you use the SMART board?  Will you create a poster?  With either one, images, data, and graphs, etc. are more effective than words to convey your message.  Make sure that all images are large enough for all students to see.