NIGHTLY READING ASSIGNMENT  Be sure to sign their reading bookmark to indicate that your child has read to you and/or has done their 15-20 minutes of reading.  These bookmarks will come home each night.   NOTE:    Pay attention to any additional assignments written on the bookmark.


    Please sign and return


    Parent/Guardian’s Signature                        

    Students are expected to read each night for their classroom teacher.  They are expected to be reading what is in their reading bookbag from me.  Therefore, the reading they do that is written on their bookmark COUNTS as the reading they need to do for their classroom teacher (2 birds, 1 stone)



    Each evening you can help your child at home by doing the following:

    Book Reading

    Please listen to your child read her/his book/chapter.  They should be reading for at least 15-20 minutes each night. If she/he has trouble with a word she/he will use pictures or beginning sounds for a clue.  They also know to think about what will make sense, look for chunks, peek ahead and reread all at the same time to decode a single word.  This is exactly what they should be doing!  You can use the green bookmark in their folder for when they “don’t know a word” as a guide.

    Fluency Work

    REMEMBER:  ORAL READING SHOULD SOUND LIKE SOMEONE IS TALKING; it should have a good rate, expression and be accurate.

    • REREADING:  Listen to your child read their book.  This builds fluency.
    • SIGHT WORDS:  Your child may have their own words to learn and are stored in their Word Bank (an envelope or .baggie).  These are sight words that need to be automatic.  
    • FLUENCY:  Students can practice their fluency phrases.  We play these games on Fridays


    Talk about the book.  Ask your child "what were you thinking" when you read that?  Did it remind you of anything?  What do you think might happen next?  Have a natural conversation about the story and share your thinking about it too.

    Please make sure the reading folder is returned to school every day. 

     Thanks! ~  Ms. Kotfila  ~ Reading Teacher