Government Assistance Today Activity

  • Government Assistance Today

    Learning Journal Page: 7


    Page Requirements:

    1. Complete the Table titled, ‘Government Assistance Topics’
    2. S-I-T Analysis



    (1) Students will engage in their own, individualized, research to learn about Government Assistance Programs today. Please use the Helpful Quick Links in order to complete the table below.


    (2) After completing the research and table, please complete a full SIT Analysis (What was most Surprising, Interesting, and Troubling piece of information that you researched AND WHY) on the material you researched. Your responses should be about a paragraph long for each S, I, AND T.


    Helpful Quick Links to Complete the Table

    1. Welfare Reform Act of 1996
    2. The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts...View the purple LEARN tab to view helpful multiple dropdown menus.
    3. Feeding America...View the HUNGER IN AMERICA tab to view helpful multiple dropdown menus.
    4. US Dept. of Agriculture-Food Deserts Information and Map...see Food Access Research Atlas content.  The map is the purple link towards the top of the text.
    5. MA’s Gov’t Assistance Programs...Scroll down the Health & Social Services page and view the tabs to see information on (1) Food and Cash Assistance, (2) Health Care Insurance 
    6. Learn About Health Care and Health Insurance in the United States.  This site provides information all throughout its page. 
    7. World Food Program, USA

    **Extra Clip from Dec. 2, 2015: Congressman McGovern Discusses Monte's March 2015

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