Holiday Dinner Activity

  • Student Activity: Holiday Dinner Activity


    As your LJ page 5:  Holiday Dinner Activity 


    *Holiday Dinner Activity Page Requirements:

    1. How many people you will have AND a MENU
    2. Printed List of Grocery Items from the Cart (price included)
    3. Reflection Prompt (roughly 1/2 page, single spaced) 



    Step 1: Decide on how many people you will have for dinner (4 as default) Step 2: Create a Menu and Grocery List (Details, including dessert and drinks!)

    Step 3: Go to Stop and Shop Online Shopping (Don't forget to keep track of your costs).

    --You will be a New Customer. Include the Zip Code, but Skip the Sign In.

    --Click on the tab titled, Browse Aisles.

    --Begin adding your necessary items to your Cart (upper right hand corner)

    *To calculate how much turkey you'll need for the number of guests :)

     *To calculate how much ham you'll need for the number of guests:)  

    --When finished, print out your Cart items.

    Step 4: Students will complete a Reflection Prompt** for the activity.

    **Reflection Prompt Directions: This is up to you, but you may consider asking yourself how you may respond to one of the questions: (roughly 1/2 page, single spaced) 

    1. How does this valued American holiday, that celebrates what we're thankful for, affect us, as people?  
    2. How are social classes affected by this holiday?
    3. What were you thinking about as you completed this?
    4. Were you considering the price? Explain. 
    5. Were you considering the work that goes into the meal? Explain.
    6. Were you considering how much of a sacrifice goes into the meal? Explain. 
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