•  CP Homeworks:

    1. HW # 1: A Nation of Cities (10 points) 

      Directions: Read text pages 341-346, stopping at the end of the chapter and complete a table with the following two columns:

      Opportunities Offered by the Cities (late 1800s-1920)

      Areas of Concern in the Cities (late 1800s-1920)




      HW # 2: Progressive Era Unit Intro Activity HW (10 points)

      Directions: Read Letter to Michael and Hugh by Pauline Newman and Complete the APPARTS (handout provided)


      HW # 3: Intro to Progressivism Reading (10 points)

      Directions: Read text pages 392-397, stopping at the end of the page, identifying Unit Terms as you proceed.


      HW # 4: Noodle Tool Sign-In & Progressives Research (10 points)

      Directions: see handout for directions


      HW # 5: Political Progressivism (10 points)


      (1) Read text pages 398-399, starting at “Progressive Reforms Impact Government” and stopping at the end of the chapter.  

      (2) Read pages 412-419, stopping before “Wilson Endorses Further Regulation.”

      (3) Complete the Agree/Disagree directions below, using specific citations from each reading section.

      a. Agree or Disagree with the statement: During the Progressive Era, the government intervened in the lives of its citizens in order to create greater fairness and equality for more Americans. 
      b. Provide evidence from the reading section above, citing about 4-6 pieces of evidence to support your position on the statement above.