Postwar/Coldwar Unit

  • Postwar/Coldwar Unit (1945-1991)

    Essential Questions: 

    Postwar: How did the affluent society of the 1950s shape visions of freedom in America?

    Cold War: 

    What role should the US play in the international system?  

    How did the Cold War reshape ideas of freedom in America?


    Postwar Content

    Following WWII, America entered into an era of propserity and affluence from about 1950-1973.  Although not all Americans experienced the affluent society in the same way, American culture, values, and policies were shaped by the postwar properity. 

    Cold War Content

    Following the defeat of Hitler in 1945, Soviet-U.S. relations began to deteriorate. The United States adopted a policy of containing the spread of communism around the world. The Cold War was the dominant foreign policy problem for the United States and Russia between the late 1940s and the late 1980s. Although these nations never engaged in direct military action, the Cold War forced policymakers to struggle to define a new guiding purpose for their foreign policy.


    Corresponding Chapters in Textbook:

    US History (Hardcover Textbook):

    • Chapter 15, pages 634-681
    • Chapter 17, pages 722-755
    • Chapter 19.3, pages 818-823

    Give Me Liberty! Chapters 23, 24, 25


    Grades for the 4th Quarter:

    Assessment Grades:

    1. Why All the Hard Feelings? (8 points)
    2. Postwar/Cold War Test (20 points)
    3. To Be Decided

    Practice Grades: 

    1. The Best Years Video S-I-T Analysis(6 points)
    2. Happy Daze Video S-I-T Analysis (6 points) 
    3. Postwar & Cold War HWs (see Homework tab)