World War II (1930s-1945)

  • Essential Questions: 

    How did WWII impact Americans' understanding of equality and freedom at home and abroad?
    This unit will include both class discussion and activities associated with World War II.  The material will center around the reasons for America's involvement, the home front, America's role overseas, the decision to drop the atomic bomb, and the effects of America's participation in the war.
    Corresponding Chapters in the Textbooks:
    United States History (Hardcover): Chapter 14.1-14.8 World War II
    Give Me Liberty! Text:
    Chapter 22 Fighting for the Four Freedoms
    Grades for the 3rd Quarter:
    Assessment Grades:
    1. WWII Learning Journal (~20 points)
    2. Unit Test (~25-30 points)

    Practice Grades:

    1. HW # 1: Causes of War (10 points)
    2. HW # 2: American Isoloationism (10 points)
    3. HW # 3: War on the Home Front (10 points) **Optional**
    4. HW # 4: The Decision to Use the Bomb (10 points)