Great Depression & New Deal Unit (1929-1941)

  • Great Depression & New Deal Unit (1929-1941)

    Essential Questions: 
    1. During times of economic hardship, what role should the government have in upholding America's democratic principles, and in protecting the general welfare of its citizens?
    2. How did the Great Depression alter Americans' understandings and expectations of freedom, liberty, and opportunity? 
    This unit will include both class discussion and activities associated with the Great Depression and New Deal era.  The material will center around experiencing the Great Depression and the battle over the proper degree of government activism in the economy.
    Corresponding Chapters in the Textbooks:
    United States History (Hardcover): Chapter 13.1-13.6 The Great Depression and the New Deal
    Give Me Liberty! Text:
    Chapter 20 From Business Culture to Great Depression
    Chapter 21 The New Deal
    Grades for the 3rd Quarter:
    Assessment Grades:
    1. The Best Economy Activity (~5 points)
    2. Argumentative Essay on the Great Depression & New Deal (~24 points)
    3. 1920s/Great Depression & New Deal Test (~32 points)

    Practice Grades:

    1. In-Class/HW # 1: Causes of the Great Depression HW (10 points)
    2. In-Class/HW # 2: Textbook Reading: Chapter 13.2 Americans Suffer (0 points)
    3. HW # 3: Reading & Annotating Sources-Hardin HW (10 points)
    4. HW # 4: Reading & Annotating Sources-Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt (10 points)