1920s Unit

  • 1920s Unit (1919-1929)

     Essential Questions: 
    1. How did modern understandings of freedom and equality challenge traditional values in the 1920s?
    This unit will include both class discussion and activities associated with the 1920s.  The material will center around the battle between tradition and modernity, focusing on cultural and political events that highlighted this battle.
    Corresponding Pages in Text
    US History (Hardcover) Pages: 475-510
    Give Me Liberty! Pages: 800-855 (begin at "1919")
    Give Me Liberty! Brief Edition:  Pages: 601-642 (begin at "1919")
    Grades for the 3rd Quarter:
    1. Harlem Renaissance Assignment (12 points)
    2. TBD: Resistance to Change Activity (8 points)
    3. Combined Unit Test at the completion of the Great Depression/New Deal Unit (~25-30 points)


    1. HW # 1 Textbook Reading & Responses (10 points)
    2. HW # 2 Textbook Reading & Responses (10 points)