World War I (1914-1919)

  • World War I Unit (1914-1919)

    Essential Questions: 
    1. Why did the US change its long-standing policy of isolationism and move towards a greater role in world affairs?
    2. How was America's commitment to freedom, liberty, and democratic principles tested as it assumed a greater role in world affairs (as war broke out in Europe)?
    This unit will include both class discussion and activities associated with the content of America's participation in World War I. 
    Corresponding Pages in Text
    US History (Hardcover) pages: 450-474
    Give Me Liberty! Text pages: 775-808
    Give Me LIberty! Brief Edition: pages: 581-608
    Assessments for the 2nd Quarter
    Practice Grades: (see Homeworks in the tab on the left)
    Assessment Grades: 
    1. Situation Facing President Wilson (9 points)
    2. Wilson's 14 Points (10 points)
    3. Test is within Midterm, scheduled below.
    Midterm Schedule for Assessment:
    Wednesday, 1/22.........C Block Midterm Exam (7:30-9:00)