Imperialism (1893-1904)

  • Imperialism Unit (1893-1904)

    Essential Questions: 
    1. Why did the US change its long-standing policy of isolationism and move towards a greater role in world affairs?
    2. How was America's commitment to freedom, liberty, and democratic principles tested as it assumed a greater role in world affairs?
    1. Was America living up to its fundamental principles of freedom and liberty during the era of imperialism?
    This unit will include both class discussion and activities associated with the content of American Imperialism.
    Corresponding Pages in Text
    United States History (Hardcover text): Chapter 11
    Give Me Liberty! (Softcover Text): Chapter 17 "Freedoms Boundaries" (pages 703-718)
    Grades for the 2nd Quarter:
    Assessment Grades:
    1. Primary Source Analysis Assignment (~6 points)
    2. Best Option for the Philippines Ranking and Explanation (~ 5 points)
    3. Unit Test  (~ 25 points). 
    Practice Grades:
    1. Students should view the Homework tab on the left for assignments.