Industrialization & Industrial America (1865-1920)

  • Essential Question:


    How did the economic changes of the Industrial Age influence interpretations of freedom and liberty for Americans and those who immigrated to the U.S.?



    1. Is the big business model good for America and Americans?
    2. Is America meeting the expectations of being a land of opportunity, and a land where “all men are created equal?”


    Content: This unit includes material on the Industrialization of America, the cities and Westward expansion, Big Business and the Big Business model, Immigration, and the growing disparity between the rich and the poor between 1865-1920.  


    Corresponding Chapter(s) in Text: 

    The American Pageant Text: Chapters 24 & 25

    United States History (Hardcover): Chapter 9, pages 310-353 & Chapter 10 pages 366-374

     Give Me Liberty! Text (softcover): Chapter 16 & 17, pages 630-721

    Give Me Liberty! Brief Edition (softcover): Chapter 16 & 17, pages 474-541


    Grades for the Industrial Age and Industrialization Unit (1st Quarter):

    Practice Grades:

    (Follow assignments on assignment sheet, on the board, and on the tab below. Use the hardcover United States History text)

    1.      HW # 1: Industrialization (12 points)
    2.      HW # 2: Immigrantion  (5 points)


    Assessments: (tests/projects/presentations/essays/quizzes)

    (1) Interest Question (3 points)

    (2) End of Unit Test (~17 points)

    (3) 4 Corners Activity: Is the Big Business Model Good for America? (~10 points)