Reconstruction Unit (1863-1877)

  • Reconstruction Unit Content:  The focus of this Reconstruction Unit to provide an introduction to the complexities and challenges facing the nation after the Civil War, including, but not limited to, the ideas of freedom and liberty, and whether the United States can ensure liberty and justice for all.  We will pursue a brief review of the Civil War in order to better understand the complexities and challenges of Reconstruction. 


    Reconstruction Unit Essential Questions: 

    1. How will the nation reunite after the Civil War and will it be successful?
    2. How will America’s understanding of freedom and equality be transformed by Reconstruction?


    Corresponding Chapter(s) in Text: 

    The American Pageant: Chapter 22, pg. 465-484, & Chapter 23, pg. 494-497

    United States History (Hardcover): pages 284-309

    Give Me Liberty: Chapter 15, What is Freedom?, pages 584-625

    Brief Edition of Give Me Liberty: Chapter 15, What is Freedom?, pages 439-473


    Grades for the Reconstruction Unit (1st Quarter):

    Practice Grades:

    (Follow assignments on assignment sheet, on the board, and on the tab below. Use the hardcover United States History text)

         (1) Contact Information (~5 points)

         (2) Paper Bag (~ 5 points)

         (3) HW # 1: The Civil War HW (10 points)

         (4) HW # 2: Plans for Reconstruction (10 points)

         (5) HW # 3: Healing and Justice (10 points)

         (6) HW # 4: End of Reconstruction Reading (0 points)


    Assessments: (tests/projects/presentations/essays/quizzes)

    1. APPARTS Practice (5 points)
    2. Do Now Check-In (2 points)
    3. Unit Test (~21 points)