Research Design Plan

  • Psychology

    Psychology Final Project: Research Project Option

    Research Design Plan


    Directions: Complete all questions below.  Use Module 2 of your textbook to help you with vocabulary definitions and explanations if needed. Type into the electronic file, please.



    1. Research QUESTION:


    1. Briefly describe why you may want to pursue this research. 


    1. Provide a background about the topic that you’re researching.  What is already known about this topic/problem? Cite at least 1 previous study and how previous researchers have studied this topic/problem.


    1. HYPOTHESIS (what do you predict the outcome will be?)


    1. What type of research study will you conduct and why (ex. Experiment, survey, case study, etc.)?


    1. Whatpopulationare you trying to draw conclusions about? (i.e. all Americans, all SHHS students, all 17-year-olds, all Psych students, etc.)


    1. Discuss any ethical considerations and how these will be addressed.


    1. What is theindependent variablein your study?


    1. How is the independent variableOperationally Defined?


    1. What is/are thedependent variable(s)in your study?


    1. How is the dependent variableOperationally Defined?


    1. Is there any possibility ofparticipant biasin your experiment? Explain what that bias would be, and how you will eliminate it or control for it.


    1. Is there any possibility ofconfirmationbias in your research? Explain what that bias would be, and any possible ways to eliminate it.


    1. Write a short ABSTRACT, or summary, of your experiment – what are you studying: a very basic outline of what your experimental procedures will be, and what you hope to answer at the end.


    The following questions are to be completed if you are conducting an EXPERIMENT, ONLY:


    1. In your abstract, be sure to include what will happen to thecontrol groupvs. the experimental group – what will be different about their experiences in your experiment?



    1. Assuming you cannot include your entire population in your experiment, explain how you might obtain arandom samplefor your experiment.



    1. How will you achieverandom assignmentof participants in your experiment?



    1. Can you think of anyconfounding variablesthat might be present in your study? How will you control for those?

















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