Ms. Goelz's Absence

  • In my absence, please complete the following things:

    D Block: 
    1. Finish the Brain Video: Who Will We Be? from your starting point on the board to the right of the SMART Board.  ( In order to activate the desktop computer....turn it on and log in with the password: informotion, on pink sticky note.  Make sure the black HDMI cord is plugged into the desktop computer's HDMI port, which is located on the little shelf above the monitor and is one of the only ports left.  This HDMI port allows you to see the video on the SMART Board. Open the portable disk drive and insert the Brain video: Who Will We Be? episode.  Turn on SMART Board and begin.)
    2. Review the Unit 7: COmpilation Topics Unit, focusing on HW # 1 due Tuesday, 5/30.
    F & G Block:
    Today is the Sleep and Dreams Focus Day.  To engage with the resources, follow these directions:
    1. In small groups, discuss the following questions for about 5 minutes:





      ?What is your favorite dream from when you sleep?  Is it reoccurring? 


      ?Why do we sleep?


      ?Why do we dream?


    2. Watch the Crash Course Video Link and the Ted Talk: Sleep Engineering video link located in the Media Links Tab.
    3. Discuss as a small group.