• ***Remember, your HW completion creates ONE COMBINED HW grade for the 4th Quarter.


    Homework # 1: Sleep & Dreams

    Directions: Please read Module 8, pages 139-154 and respond to the following questions with information from the text:

    • How important is sleep to our behaviors?
    • Why do we dream?  Do our dreams have meaning?


    Homework # 2: Introduction to Psychological Disorders

    Module 30: pgs. 533-548

    1. Define the following terms from the Module:
    • Psychological disorder (including MUDA in your own words)
    • Medical Model
    • Bio-Psycho-Social Model
    • DSM
    1. Question: Historically, and in the present, what were/are considered the causes of psychological disorders?
    2. Question: What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of labeling disorders, like according to the DSM?



    HW # 3: Schizophrenia Focus


    1. Read Module 32, pages 569 and 570, stopping at Dissociative Disorders, AND pages 574-579, stopping at Personality Disorders.
    2. From the movie, describe John Nash’s symptoms using the terms within pages 574-579.  Use at least one example from the movie.
    3. From the movie and text, decide upon which type of schizophrenia John Nash has by explaining how your decision was exemplified by symptoms seen in the movie.

    **These responses, total, should be no more than one page, typed, single spaced.