Teaching Activity:How Do We Teach to Learn?

  • Psychology

    Unit 6: Learning & Cognition

    Teaching Activity: How Do We Teach to Learn?


    Prompt/Rationale: This unit, we have explored how individuals learn and problem solve from a variety of psychological approaches. Your goal, now, is to deepen you understanding of learning by teaching us. You will apply the concepts we have studied in class to help your learners master this new skill. As you plan your lesson, consider our essential questions.


    How do we learn and how does learning affect our behaviors?

    How do memory, thinking, and intelligence affect the details of everyday life?

    How do we remember, but also forget?

    How do we solve problems, and are we intelligent?

    4th Quarter Assessment: (26 points)


    Criteria for Success:

    ___ 1. You will use and view the following resources:

    1. Learning & Cognition Unit Notes (downloadable from Ms. Goelz website)
    2. Text Modules 14-16 and 22-25
    3. Unit Terms on Ms. Goelz’s website

    ___ 2. You (and your group) will Teach to Learn your chosen skill.                                                 13pts

                A strong presentation will:

    1. Effectively Complete the Lesson Plan Worksheet                                                            

             *All materials needed for your lesson will be prepared ahead of time

        *Remember: if you need supplies or a larger space than our classroom, it is your responsibility to prepare and       coordinate that ahead of time

         2. Teach the class a new skill utilizing concepts from the unit                                     5pts

    • Content/Learning Strategies Present (2)
    • Presentation Skills/Adherence to 10-12 min. (2)
    • Student Engagement (1)


    **Each group must present ON TIME and EACH member must participate in the presentation on the scheduled day.

    **Any late presentations will result in a 20% deduction, each day.

    **Any members not participating, unless specified by a doctor’s note or accommodation will not be able to earn credit for element



    ___ 3. After teaching the lesson, each member of the group will:

    Complete the Reflections:                                                                                     7 pts

    As the Teacher (5)…due the following class day after the lesson

    As the Learner: one lesson (2)…due date varies


    ____4. Complete the self-assessment                                                                         1pts



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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.