Social Influence Activity

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    Unit 5: Social Psychology                                                Assigned Unit Terms:

    Social Influence: How Do Others Influence Us?



    Our unit will conclude with a focus on how attitudes and behaviors can greatly affect behavior. These attitudes and actions, depending on their nature, can lead to Positive and/or Negative implications for our communities and us. While we will end with a focus on how you will be affecting Positive change in your community with the Pay it Forward assessment, it is also important to explore the range of behaviors that affect individuals’ behaviors. Your goal within this activity is to further your understanding and analysis of human behavior and explore the possibilities of behavior centered around the Activity Questions below:

    How does being around other people affect our behavior, and how does group membership affect our thinking and decision-making?

    How does the power of the situation affect our thoughts and behaviors?

    Why do humans harm one another when they know that harming is wrong?


    Grade for 3rd Quarter: Practice Grade (22 points)

    Criteria for Success:

    ___1. You will use view and utilize the following Resources: Please note that some of these resources contain graphic material for mature audiences only.


    1. Review Printed Resources & Unit Notes (in class)
    2. The Bad Samaritan: The Story of David Cash (in class)
    3. In-Class Activity 1 (in class; TBD, but likely Group Tasks)
    4. In-Class Activity 2 (in class; TBD, but likely 5 Rules to Live By)
    5. The Milgrim (10 min.) and Stanford Prison Experiments (14 min.) (in class)
    6. The Wave video, 44 min. (in class)
    7. Text pages 321-332 Social Influence and 344-348 Prejudice and Discrimination (Suggested HW)
    8. Philip Zimbardo TED Talk: Castilleja, CA, 16 min. (Suggested HW)

    ___2. In your assigned group, you will come to a shared understanding of the following items. (20 points) Note: Each member will likely write down responses to these items so that you can share these responses with another group.

    Your Shared Understanding MUST include:

    1. A focused response to one Activity Question
    2. A definition of the terms assigned to you
    3. Evident use and application of your assigned unit terms.
    4. Reference at least 2 of the resources. Where and how are the unit terms applicable in the Resources?
    5. May include any real-life or present-day examples

    ___3. You will be responsive and attentive to the group when other members are sharing their Understanding and assigned unit terms. Using the Terms Notes sheet, you will want to write down any key points or ways in which the terms are present in the Resources.

    ___4. Complete the Self-Assessment. (2 points)

    ___5. In your Absence, you will turn in a hard-copy response to the items in Criteria for Success # 2 (a-e).


    Shared Understanding (Based off of LE 2: Communicate and Listen Effectively)

    Effectively delivers a presentation

    Uses effective skills to hold audience attention. Speaks with fluidity, clarity, and emphasis, using appropriate volume, pronunciation, enunciation, inflection and tone

    Articulates terms & response to question well.

    Uses skills to hold audience attention. Speaks with clarity, using appropriate volume, pronunciation, enunciation, inflection, and tone.

    Articulates terms & response to question appropriately.

    Limited use of skills to hold audience attention. Volume, pronunciation, enunciation, inflection, and tone vary in quality.

    Articulates terms & response to question ineffectively

    Little use of skills   to hold audience attention. Volume, pronunciation, enunciation, inflection, and tone are flat and or ineffective in getting listener’s attention. Does not articulate terms &/or response to question


    Effectively demonstrates content of presentation

    Demonstrates full knowledge of topic and answers all questions with developed explanations; information is presented in an effective and coherent manner.

    Demonstrates knowledge of topic and responds to questions; information is presented in a coherent manner.

    Demonstrates limited knowledge of topic; presentation of information needs better organization.

    Demonstrates insufficient knowledge of topic; presentation of information lacks organization.



    If I could give myself a grade for work within the group for this practice grade, it would be_____(number 1-22) because… (Consider your strengths or weaknesses in tackling the resources, Activity Questions, or presenting to another group. Consider what your challenges or victories were throughout the activity.)

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