How to Develop Questions

  • How to Develop Questions for the Roundtable Discussion




    The Discussion: Overall, the questions that you prepare and submit will guide the discussion.  The overarching question for this unit is:



    How does the course of human development influence one’s behavior and mental processes?




    Goals: During the Developmental Psychology Roundtable Discussion, your goals are:


                      a. Ask & Answer questions                                          


          b. Build off of other participants’ ideas       


          c. Challenge others’ ideas 

          d. Invite others into the discussion 

          e. Keep a topic alive by asking probing questions                         

          f.  Present and analyze evidence




    How to Create/Types of Questions:Develop at least 3 questions for the Roundtable Discussion using the question-types below.  Remember, you may have NO MORE than 1 Close-Ended Question.


    Types of Questions:

          Close-Ended Question: A question that will help everyone come to agreement about the events or concepts.  This question usually has a correct answer.

                            Ex.: Do other species experience Attachment like humans do?


          Open-Ended Question: An insightful question that requires proof, insights, and group discussion to discover or explore the answer.

    Ex.: How do nature and nurture affect human behavior and mental processes?


          Historical Analysis Question: A question that evaluates the decisions and actions of people in the past.

    Ex.: Do you think it was ethical for Harlow to pursue his research with attachment using monkeys?


          Psychological Question: A question that connects the topic to the way people interact and act today.

    Ex.: Which parenting style is better suited to teenage development?


          Universal Theme/Core Question: A question that deals with the themes of the topic that will encourage group discussion about its universality?























    Ex.: How do you think that we should respond to parents who neglect to the patterns of childhood development?